Better Together Adoption Event 


Purina is committed to pets in the community and making a lasting difference for pets, potential new pet owners and STL Pet Lovers Coalition animal welfare organizations.

Recognizing local shelters and rescues have varying amounts of resources and PR opportunities, Purina set out to create an annual local event for the community by providing each shelter and rescue an equal opportunity adoption event with more reach than each individual shelter could attain on its own.


Raise awareness and help facilitate pet adoptions in St. Louis and metro areas with Pet Lovers Coalition shelters and rescues. Create a unifying event experience for participating shelters and rescues with the main goal of helping pets in the community find their forever homes.                                           



- 22 participating shelters

- 69 onsite adoptions 

-964 St. Louis pet adoptions during a two-week Purina promotion following the event


- 12 participating shelters        

- 28 adoptions               



We experienced an 83% growth in the number of participating shelters from the first year to the second year, and an astounding 146% increase in onsite adoptions. When taking into consideration the two-week promotion that was kicked off from the event, we increased the number of St. Louis pets finding new homes because of the Better Together event by 3,343%!