Beyond Corgi Beach Day

July - October 201


 Sponsor a pet-centric event to create brand awareness and create engaging shareable brand content. Partner with IG influencers and advocates attending event to create visually branded content to their audiences to promote product consideration.

Defining Moments

Through well-place influencer campaigns, each Corgi Beach Day garnered greater public interest. 

Spring 2015- 7200 RSVPs

Summer 2015- 8300 RSVPs

Fall 2015- 11,100 RSVPs


Key Results 



  SoCal Corgi Beach Day Followers: 2k+ growth

 Page reach during event activation: 95,000

Organic reach: 87% of audience

Engagement: 34,80


Consumer Items Distributed

Product Samples: 2k distributed to consumers

Coupon Distribution: 1k Beyond product guides & Coupons

Event Impressions: 5,866,722

New followers : 2k+ growth