Social calendars are a necessity- especially when we’re talking social content calendars. It allows you to make sure your various platforms are covered with excellent content throughout the year and avoid the last minute content scramble.  

Pre-scheduling is a great option to make sure content pushes live even when you’re too busy with other tasks to sit at your desk at the exact optimized moment you want your little gem to grace the internet.

But beware: do not let scheduling push you to the automated edge. Humans are social, robots are automated.

Nothing kills social media, and your page’s engagement rates, like automation.

1.     Remember to stay social.

It’s not called automated media, folks. It’s social media for a reason. People login to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (and the list goes on..) to connect with others. 

We’re a society living behind screens, but we still crave to interact. If you’re allowing your company’s social postings to hang out and no one on your team ever takes time to interact with your followers, your engagement is going to spiral to its demise.

2.     You’ll reap what you sow.  

Reaping what you sow has left the farmlands and joined us in the 21st century of online marketing. If your company decides to go with the approach of putting in as little effort as possible, all the while hoping for maximum reach to potential customers, you’ll find yourself incredibly disappointed with the social media machine.

For true success, you need someone dedicated to making your company’s social media a vibrant internet world. If you put only minimum effort into client acquisition or other aspects of your particular business, it wouldn’t grow either. Social media is no different.

3.      Relationships are a give and take.

Remember to communicate to consumers in a non-obtrusive way. Your followers are not there to buy every product you produce, to brainlessly like every post you publish, or in any way to boost your ego. 

 Followers follow because they enjoyed something you had to offer. Good advice, funny videos, giveaways. People engage because their emotions engage with your brand and your ongoing posts. They can just as easily unfollow your company on social if they are sick of your brand or feel they are gaining nothing from your never-ending calls to action.

 Endless pushes to buy, buy, buy will have your followers saying bye, bye, bye. Never take that for granted. Social media is the perfect place to offer free emotional engagement that, when done well, can turn into increased engagement and, ultimately, sales.