Spring has officially sprung, friends! If you live in or around St. Louis, we know you’re waiting for the weather to catch up with reality, but in the meantime Kicking Cow presents a season full of fun weekend wonderment at Purina Farms.

Pooches Playdate (March 25-26)

After the January Pooches Playdate brought in over 1,000 humans and 758 dogs, we were looking forward to the Spring version of this event.

With twenty stations for humans and their pooches to enjoy, the recent Pooches Playdate was a busy day for all. The Kicking Cow team attended the event to facilitate the many moving pieces of the day and to help ensure every activity moves smoothly.

Kicking Cow set-up and ran several of the activity centers during Pooches Playdate. We distributed specialized dog tags to attendees and worked together with volunteers to ensure all humans and pups were having a ball. We gave out 200 dog tags over the course of two days, with around 500 attendees.

April Fun to Come

Egg hunt (April 8th)

Children and furry friends alike will enjoy the Purina Farms Egg Hunts. There will be two separate egg hunt events, one for children and one for pets to participate in. Kicking Cow has organized a self-service photo booth for attendees to take away a physical memento of their memories of the happy day.

Springtime Village (March 29 - April 15)

Until April 15, Springtime Village at Purina Farms will be open every Wednesday through Sunday. On Saturday’s, Gateway Pet Guardians will bring adoptable pets for attendees to get to know and bring into loving homes! There are many family friendly activities to enjoy at Springtime Village- make sure to capture the fun at the photo kiosk organized by Kicking Cow!