Food Lion Wave 3 Charlotte Launch

Food Lion Random Acts of Freshness Campaign
Activation: August - December 2016

Defining Moments

Charlotte Launch Event- October 11th, 2016

On October 11th, Food Lion took over Uptown Charlotte with 7 simultaneous activations in different locations, spread across area. Food Lion engaged with nearly 10,000 people in less than 6 hours. Using a branded food truck, tents, bikes, fresh farm stands and brand ambassadors, Food Lion distributed fresh produce (apples, bananas, oranges), breakfast snack favorites, granola bars and oatmeal, crackers, protein bars, water and coffee. Branded SWAG items and coupons were also handed out at each location.

Boots and Badges- November 20th, 2016

Food Lion hosted a chili cook-off challenge to benefit the families of local fallen officers in the Gastonia area. Over $1,000 was raised and donated to the family of a fallen officer. The story was reported on over 10 media outlets and social media sites. A team from the local Police Department and Fire Department faced off in an on-stage chili cook off in front of a live audience made up of peers, supporters, and news media. Family friendly activities were outside for all to enjoy as they patiently waited to sample and vote for their favorite chili. The popularity of this event has opened the door for Food Lion to make this an annual event. 


• Forge an emotional connection with consumers within target market

• Highlight Food Lion’s commitment to its customers and their communities

• Create the platform to have one-on-one interactions with consumers

• Generate social stories to share with core customer audience

• Drive existing and potential consumers to Food Lion’s newly remodeled stores


Key Results  

# of Events: 60

Premium Items Distributed: 125,871

Attendance: 426,760

Impressions: 307,110

Engagement: 100,189

 Food Truck Impressions: 1,247,987

   Coupon Redemption Rate: 24%