Aaron Methvin

Production Manager

Aaron is two-thirds skilled craftsman and one-third magician. His keen spatial competencies turn our client’s visions into reality. He sees each piece of the program and puts them together in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Aaron choreographs the experience with results that are even better than our clients imagined. His experience includes working with Sports Illustrated, Rock The Vote and Nestle Purina. When Aaron is not riding his bike all over St. Louis city, or filling the Barn with cutting edge music, he is collecting guitars. He owns eight electric guitars, two acoustics and a mandolin.


Jamie Brungard

Production Coordinator

Aside from being a virtuoso on site, Jamie is instrumental in getting our executions on the road timely and accurately. He understands how crucial it is to have a brand represented clearly and accurately at the point of execution and his vision of a footprint from load in to load out is second to none. Jamie manages all three of our warehouses that hold our client's samples, event elements and branded material. Jamie is our resident musician and plays bass in his band who recently completed a residency at the legendary St. Louis venue the Gramophone. 


Brad Bosacker

Production Coordinator

Brad brings years of tour experience to the Barn.  He has been a front line brand representative while serving as a tour manager for several Kicking Cow activations and you can often find him onsite overseeing the production aspects of tours we conduct. Brad's behind the scenes knowledge is exceptional and he knows how to translate that into a successful event onsite.  He is key in ensuring your elements are in order and ready to go out of the Barn to your specifications.  Brad is from Minnesota and an avid Twins fan.