Humane Society of MIssouri Bark in the park

Fair St. Louis

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Annual APA Canine Carnival

The St. Louis Pet Expo



Enrich Nestle' Purina's reputation in the St. Louis community by providing prominent event visibility by implementing family friendly exhibits, distributing samples promoting numerous Purina product platforms and showing appreciation for Purina associates and their families through hospitality areas.  In conjunction with the Nestle' Purina activations, Kicking Cow and the brand used that opportunity to create awareness for Purina Farms.



Kicking Cow executed 5 activations in the St. Louis region over an 8 month period.  The Herd distributed 5,801 samples on behalf of Purina and 11,024 Nestle' Purina premiums extending the reach of the Purina brand exponentially.  Local radio station Y98 provided on air advertising for our activation at HSMO's Bark in the Park and KMOV's Good Morning St. Louis featured our execution of the Purina Family Zone and the Purina Farms Agility Arena at Fair St. Louis on July 3rd.  Given the attendance of the 6 events, TV and radio ratings at the time of the events Nestle' Purina reached over half a million consumers and associates in 2014.


            Execution:       5 events over 8 months

            Market:          St. Louis Region

            Impressions:    503, 725

            Samples:         5,801

            Premiums:      11,024