For twelve years, Kicking Cow has planned and activated the world’s largest costumed pet parade. The Beggin' Pet Parade is a cornerstone Mardi Gras celebration in St. Louis. This year, the parade fell on Sunday, February 19, a pleasantly warm, sunny day.

Between the beautiful weather and tremendous turnout, successfully executing the Beggin' sponsorship was, yet again, a highlight of our year. This year there were over 1,000 pre-registered pets and many more that registered the day of. The streets were packed with happy pets and owners soaking up the sunshine, making new friends, and of course getting lots of Beggin’ treats as they paraded throughout Soulard. 

The parade is part celebratory, part competition, and most importantly, part charity event. A $10 donation per pet goes directly toward the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

This cutie was crowned Queen at the 2017 Beggin' Pet Parade Coronation.

This cutie was crowned Queen at the 2017 Beggin' Pet Parade Coronation.

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Successfully Coordinate Multiple Activations At a Single Event

The Kicking Cow herd juggles these five moving pieces at the Beggin' Pet Parade




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“On event day, we were tasked with coordinating five vital pieces to occur seamlessly within a tight schedule. Meticulous planning and great teamwork make it possible for us to ensure a large-scale event like the Beggin' Pet Parade goes off without a hitch. We work behind the scenes making sure all participants and nine finalists make it through the parade to the coronation stage within a 45-minute window in the middle of the event,” said Kicking Cow Account Executive, Kathleen Kuhar.

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“It’s definitely a busy day for our staff, but we love putting on an excellent community event that makes headlines around the world,” Kuhar said. “We get to see the costume creativity of pet owners and bask in the joy it brings everyone, pets and humans alike, who come out to join us.”

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